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Cornerstone Sport Horses is an equestrian riding and training facility that offers instruction in the English disciplines of Hunter/Jumper, Dressage, and Eventing.

We are located just minutes from The Woodlands, Magnolia, Montgomery, and Conroe. Our 37 acre facility offers stall boarding in our beautiful 16 stall barn, a secondary 8 stall barn, pasture boarding, a climate controlled tack room, a large 120’ x 240’ lighted arena with a jump course, a 90’ x 200’ lighted arena with dressage letters and schooling jumps, a lighted small arena, three hot and cold water wash racks, large grass pastures, wooded trails, cross-country jumps, a spacious lounge with kitchen, bath and laundry room, a viewing deck off the lounge that overlooks the arenas and trailer parking.

Cornerstone provides group and private lessons on one of the horses in our school or on your own. Trailer-in lessons are also available. Students are welcome with any skill level and from the age of 6 and up. Whether you are a competition rider that has been in the show ring for years or a first time rider hoping to learn basic skills, Cornerstone can help you meet your goals!

Cornerstone is also an Approved facility through the Conroe School District and Montgomery School District for private physical education. Riders in the grades of 7th – 12th can earn P.E. credit for school while taking lessons!

Cornerstone Sport Horses - Events

Cornerstone riders compete regularly at local Greater Houston Hunter Jumper Association (GHHJA) Hunter/Jumper shows, Texas Hunter & Jumper Association (THJA) Hunter/Jumper shows, Greater Houston Combined Training Association (GHCTA) Combined Training Shows, and Dressage Shows. Our riders are not required to show and are all given the opportunity to sign-up for all of the shows that we attend as a barn.

Lesson horses are available for day leases for horse shows being attended by the barn. Trailering to and from the shows is available for lesson horses and privately owned horses.

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At Cornerstone, we believe that it is extremely important to create good horse-people, not just good riders. We want our students to be able to handle the horses from the ground, as well as from their backs. Horsemanship includes being able to catch, lead, groom, tack, bathe, and handle your horse in any given situation. The relationship and the respect between a rider and a horse is built just as much when the rider is on the ground, as it does when the rider is on the horse’s back. Beginning riders are started out learning these skills at the foundation level. They need to feel in control on the ground and then we will start lessons on horseback. Generally, lessons with beginners start on the lunge line and this allows the instructor to have better control over the horse’s speed and direction and allows the student to focus on their balance and position. Once the student feels that they are in control of their own bodies while on the horse, then they begin learning how to control the horse’s body. The basics at walk and trot are taught first and then depending on the rider’s drive, goals, and natural ability we will then work on the canter, ground poles, and jumps.

The lesson horses in our school are chosen by Cornerstone Instructors based primarily on their temperament and abilities. Each horse must be adaptable to having different riders on them, must be quiet and confident in new situations, and must be forgiving of their riders making mistakes. Our horses meet and exceed our requirements in these areas. The level of the rider determines the horse that they are given to ride and the instructor has the final say over this match. Each of our lesson horses are available for lease for the day at Horse Shows or monthly at the barn. Even though we go to great lengths to make sure that our horses are well trained, safe partners for our students, they are still animals. Horseback riding is the only sport where an athlete is partnered with an animal and asked to perform. So we must always keep in mind that horses are naturally flight animals and no matter how many years of training they have to do a specific task, they still have the instinct to flee when frightened. It is because of this that when working around the horse we need to remember to be calm and assertive to keep from making the horse fearful of a situation.

Our instructors each teach full-time and can be available mornings, evenings, and on Saturday. Contact us for a barn tour or an evaluation lesson.

Boarding and Facilities

Cornerstone moved to its permanent location in 2007. Our facility in situated on 37 acres just behind The Woodlands and close to Montgomery, Magnolia, and Conroe. Our equestrian facility offers all of the services that you would expect a professional facility to provide. For our boarders, we also offer regular farrier services with our barn farrier, Dale Fike. Routine vet visits are scheduled twice annually with our barn veterinarians, Equine Vet and Assoc. They are also available for barn visits and on emergency calls throughout the year. Use of your own farrier or vet is allowed, as long as the boarder arranges to meet the farrier or vet themselves.

We offer boarding in our 16-stall, recently built barn, that also provides cleaning and washing areas, as well as a well proportioned tack room. Our facilities cover 37 acres of land, with a significant amount of that land dedicated to pasturing.

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